Welcome to Barney Cull's Yacht Hull Cleaning

About Us

Underwater Hull Cleaning as well as:

  1.  Thru hull replacement
  2.  Zinc and Propeller replacement
  3.  Bottom Painting
  4.  Competitive Rates
  5.  Underwater Pictures
  6.  Washdowns
  7. Pay by check or Credit Card

Free 1 Month Cleaning

If our customers refer us to a new customer and after they make 2  months payments, we will give you a free bottom cleaning.


Give us a call if you drop something in the harbor or your boat sinks and we will retrieve it. 

Contact Us

Manager -Blake Velilla

Look at our videos on Google. 

Underwater Pictures on request.

Barney Culls Yacht Hull Cleaning

16835 Algonquin st, po box 218, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, US